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Calorie Counting
calorie counting
The great thing about following a calorie controlled diet is that you are free to include all your favourite foods. There is no need to be strict about daily total.

Although it is very important to eat a good variety of healthy foods
calorie counting
How many calories you can use each day depends on your current weight and levels of activity. At Weightcare you are given the A-Z of Calories booklet, with a Basic Foods list and lists of over 17,000 items found on Supermarket shelves. Weightcare’s own Calorie Booklet gives guidelines to the key steps to bring amazing results.
calorie counting
calorie counting
To make up your own diet, you need to be very organised and prepared to weigh and to calculate all the foods that you eat.

Don’t worry, before very long it will all become automatic to you.

Weightcare make calorie counting easy by offering a variety of set menu plans and multiple choice menus that are already worked out for you to give you ideas and inspiration.
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