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Tracy Brewill
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My name is Tracy Brewill, I've been a member of Weightcare for over 22 years and a consultant for 17 of those years. I had over 6 stones to lose when I first joined Weightcare and reached my target weight in less than a year. It is however a life long battle and I, like my club members have good times and bad. Sometimes the challenge of staying slim seems easier than at others. This is, I believe, one of my strengths as a consultant. I live, and deal with a weight problem daily. I have used every excuse in the book so believe me whichever one my class members come up with I guarantee I've used it 10 times myself.

In the last 17 years I have encouraged slimmers to achieve their very best and have had 10 finalists in our national slimmer of the year competition, with weight losses of up to 9 stones. Some of those finalists still attend the Mountsorrel class in order to maintain their target weights. Imagine how satisfying it is to know that you have had a helping hand in changing someones life forever.

Our class at Mountsorrel is a fantastic group of people and has an atmosphere full of support and encouragement. I believe that one of the most important aspects of being a Weightcare consultant is to teach people about healthy eating, good foods and bad foods and how to achieve an acceptable balance. If you as an individual can pass that knowledge to your children or even your grandchildren they might never have the weight problems that you have had to deal with. What a gift that would be!

I look forward to seing you at our Mountsorrel class and hope that you will enjoy the Weightcare experience. You never know it could just change your life forever.
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