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Lauren and Jackie came along to their local Weightcare meeting with their parents and have amazed us with their dedication to becoming slim and healthyÖ.

Lauren saysÖ.
ďI was really miserable with my weight and hated not being able to wear all the clothes my friends were wearing. My Mum found out about Weightcare and I decided that I would join my local class. I was very apprehensive but everybody was so friendly and welcomed me to the group.

I have been amazed by my success! In just 13 weeks I have lost 37lbs and I feel fantastic! Iíve found it easy to stick to and I even have the odd treat, itís great! My Dad was so impressed with Weightcare that he joined too and has lost 28lbs in just 10 weeks. We both really enjoy the class each week and have received lots of support and encouragement from everybody. Thank you Weightcare I feel GREAT.

Jackie saysÖ
Both my Mum and Dad attend Weightcare, theyíve both done really well. My Dad has lost 3Ĺ stones in just 14 weeks! My Mum was a Slimmer of the Year Finalist in 2008 having lost 7Ĺ stones.

Iíd been unhappy with my weight for a while and eventually plucked up the courage to go along with my Mum and Dad. Iím so glad I did now as I have lost 18lbs in just 8 weeks and I canít believe how easy it has been.

Whatís surprised me the most is just how much food I can eat, I always thought losing weight meant going hungry and missing out on socialising with my friends, something I love doing. I couldnít have been more wrong! Iím enjoying everything I eat and I havenít had to change my social life at all, Iíve just learned how to make healthy choices.

Iím feeling more confident every day and canít wait until I reach my Target weight!

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