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Collette Says…

“Before my marriage my weight had remained at a constant 9 stones but during the following 14 years my weight slowly increased. You become accustomed to it I think. However my weight really became an issue when I found it extremely uncomfortable to walk upstairs or for any distance

My husband Mark and I love to walk, but I found myself constantly looking for places to go where there was a ‘watering hole’ within half an hour of starting off. Then my chiropractor told me I should get a blood test to confirm her suspicions that I had the beginnings of arthritis. The blood test was positive. My mother suffers from both forms of arthritis and I really didn’t want to find myself in her situation in my 60’s.

I spoke to my sister-in-law, who was a Weightcare Consultant at the time, about joining a class and that is where my Weightcare journey began. I felt very nervous about going but Elaine, my Consultant, is so friendly and approachable I needn’t have worried. Elaine took me through the diets and between the two of us I decided on The Low Fat diet. Elaine explained that if this didn’t work I could change to the Low Carb Unit diet. So, whatever my difficulties were, Weightcare had the diet and support I needed to succeed.

My weight at that time was over 14 stones. From that first meeting I was determined to do it. My health depended on it. It took me 12 months to reach my Target with a loss of 4 stones 9lbs. I did have times when there was no weight loss, but I just kept on going. I received great help and support from my family and everyone at Weightcare.

I’ve noticed a great difference in my health, especially when I climb stairs and go walking. My greatest triumph was when I walked 9 miles on holiday, and without a stop….yeah!! It was great to bring out my old clothes that had been ‘mothballed’ because they were too small. I got so used to wearing black (a lot!) and big, baggy jumpers to hide my size. I now wear vibrant, figure hugging clothes again.

Family events, even Christmas, hold no fears. The great Weightcare recipes give me such a wide variety of choice. Not only do I enjoy eating them – I enjoy making them too. Both Mark and my Mum love them as much as I do. Since I began the diet my Mum has also lost weight as she could see how much it has improved my health. If there’s one thing that helps keep me on track, and helped me remain at my Target weight , this has to be it. I still go along regularly to Weightcare and I’m determined to stay slim FOR LIFE”.

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