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The Low Fat Slimming Plan
low fat slimming plan
The Low Fat slimming plan is very popular combining bread, potatoes, pasta, cereals and protein foods. It is an easy, flexible, inexpensive and effective method of losing weight and is particularly suitable for children, diabetics, vegetarians and anyone who loves food!

It will encourage you and your family to eat the right sort of foods and boost your moral and confidence, turning your attitude and relationship with food towards eating that will change your life in a very positive way.

This diet fits very easily into modern living - you donít have to do any complicated calculations and you can use convenience foods. Thereís something to suit every taste - healthy, favourite foods that will bring unbelievable slimming success.

A huge selection to start the day - fruit, cereals, toast, English breakfast - take your pick.

Everything for a quick convenient lunch - baked potato, sandwiches, salads. Youíll be amazed at the variety.
main meals
main meals

Grills, barbecues, classic meals, convenience foods. Meals that are so easy to prepare, nobody will ever know that youíre on a diet
Weight loss success comes from making small changes to your daily eating and you will notice big improvements to your weight loss. We will show you how.
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