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Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves.
Sometimes we feel like giving up because the mountain just seems too hard to climb and the road ahead too long.

At times like this, low times - when you just think sod it and reach for the biscuit tin - it's because we have forgotten how far we've come.

We should always concentrate on our achievements rather than how far we have left to go.

If you have any doubts, ask yourself where you were this time 6 months, a year or 2 years ago...

Change comes SLOWLY so it can be hard to see - and appreciate.

Review your weight loss at the back of your Weightcare booklet. You'll find the written evidence there in black and white!

Make a mental list of your accomplishments and what's changed. Perhaps you've been able to buy clothes in a smaller size or feel much more comfortable in the clothes you have now. Maybe you've been able to walk 3 miles for the first time in years without being in agony. Maybe you just feel happier and more confident in yourself...it doesn't matter how insignificant it seems to others, it matters to you.


Always give yourself credit for the small accomplishments you make each day - like resisting fattening foods, making time for a walk, drinking plenty of water, filling out your planner. For not GIVING UP if you have a blip...accept that you are a 'work in progress' and that change takes time.

It doesn't matter how fast or slow, just keep moving forward and you will get to where you want to be.
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