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How often have you got on those scales confident of a weight loss, only to find you have stayed the same, or worse, gained? It makes you feel really hard done by, especially if you think you've been good...

Sometimes it can be all the little things that collectively have an effect on the week's result.

For instance if you grabbed a pre-packed sandwich for lunch, not only will it contain a spread of some sort, marg or butter, chances are it will have a full fat dressing or mayo on it and of course you have no idea how much bread it contains. Convenience foods can be a minefield.

A dollop of full fat mayo in your sandwich would be 3 ½ Fat points and 1 Unit. So your ‘convenient’ sandwich has already cost you 3 ½ Fat points and 1 Unit and that’s before you have put any bread or meat with it and don’t forget the marg or butter!

Its not just eating out that can pose these little problems, sometimes at home we forget about accompaniments like sauces, gravies and extras too.

For instance, how many of us measure our gravy?

2 tablespoons of made up Bisto gravy granules will cost you half a Fat point or half a unit….not too bad I hear you say. Well no it’s not unless you pour HALF a pint of gravy on your dinner!! A dissolved Oxo cube will cost you nothing!

Horseradish sauce also needs to be counted – 1 teaspoon would be half Fat point and a quarter of a Unit.

Flour used to dust fish or chicken has a price attached too, a quarter of a fat point or 4 units.

Tinned fruit is another one to beware. Always buy it in natural juice, never, ever in syrup. You should also drain the juice and get rid of it, there's a lot of sugar in it that you just don't need!

Make sure you count eggs properly too if you're doing low fat! Any you have over your 3 FREE eggs per week you will need to count points....

There are different sizes and different points to count – small 1 ½, medium 2, large 2 ½ and extra large 3.

Chips can NOT be counted the same as boiled potatoes. 1oz of boiled potato would be 0 Fat points and 1 Unit – fried chips would be 7 and a half Fat points or 8 Units. No competition!

As you can see it’s the little bits and bobs that we ‘conveniently’ forget that can do the damage. Singularly they aren’t too bad but over a week they all add up.

You could be having a whole days extra points or units in a week….no matter how you try to figure it, you cant fit 8 days of points into a week!

Watch out for the little extras!!!
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