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Even with our unpredictable summers, BBQ’s are a fact of life and a brilliant way to get together with family and friends – and have fun.

It usually means a buffet type affair, centered around the BBQ. When we’re slimming this can be a nightmare. It needn’t be though – if you follow these tips:

*** Don't go to the Barbie STARVING.
Have a light snack before you go, that way you won't be as tempted.

*** Drink a fizzy diet drink before the food is ready, it'll take the edge off your appetite.
If it's BRING A BOTTLE take the same, or some low cal flavoured sparkling water straight from the fridge.

*** Be FIRST in line for the food and you'll have the widest choice, so you can pick the healthiest options and not be stuck with the burnt sausage or burger at the end.

*** Always stick to lean meat, like chicken, instead of sausages and burgers, or go for the fish if there is any.

*** Don't pile on the coleslaw, it's probably the creamiest kind. You could always take your own, there may be others who would welcome a healthier choice!

*** BRACE yourself for any booze on offer! Don't be a party pooper and deny yourself completely, have a glass of wine but follow it with a sparkling water or diet drink or make it last by making it a spritzer.

*** This hardly goes without saying - choose lots of salad.
Fill up your plate with it.

*** As a last resort have a burger bun (minus the burger!) to help fill up your plate...
and your tum.

*** Help yourself to any fruit on offer - another good way to fill up.

*** Take along some sugar free mints with you and pop them in your mouth after you've eaten so you won't be tempted to have seconds...or thirds!

Say 'YES' to any Barbie invite and enjoy catching up with friends and family - it really NEEDN'T spell disaster on the scales!

© Weightcare 2012