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The Unit Plus Low Carb Postal Pack
This is a very generous plan which uses mainly low fat proteins, vegetables, salad and fruit in wholesome quantities. You'll never be hungry. 50g of carbohydrate is allowed daily and carbohydrate foods can be saved for the time of day when you are most tempted or when you are eating out. This means that you have the freedom to choose whatever you want to eat. SPECIAL OFFER PRICE - SAVE £10.00 - £29.95
This book contains:
  • Unit Plus Low Carb Plan Slimming Plan Booklet
  • Access to Weightcare’s Recipes online
  • Weightcare Winners Recipe Book
  • Menu Plan
  • Packed Lunch Menu Plan
  • Example Slimming Planner
  • Eating Out Guides
  • Weighing Procedure
  • Lifestyle Plan
  • Maintenance Plan
  • 10 Slimming Planners for you to complete and chart your progress
  • Contact details for help and advice
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