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Combination Postal Pack
If you are undecided which of our super slimming plans to choose, then why not have both at the SPECIAL OFFER PRICE of £39.95
This book contains:
  • Low Fat Slimming Plan Booklet
  • Unit Plus Low Carb Slimming Plan Booklet
  • Access to Weightcare’s Recipes online
  • Weightcare Winners Recipe Book
  • Menu Plan for both Slimming Plans
  • Packed Lunch Menu Plan for both Slimming Plans
  • Example Slimming Planner for both Slimming Plans
  • Eating Out Guides
  • Weighing Procedure
  • Lifestyle Plan
  • Maintenance Plan for both Slimming Plans
  • 10 Slimming Planners for you to complete and chart your progress
  • Contact details for help and advice
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