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The Unit Plus Slimming Plan
The Unit Plus slimming plan was the first diet that Weightcare launched in 1981 and still successful slimmers return to classes because they say that this is the only diet that works for them! A diet where they never feel hungry and never feel guilty.
unit plus slimming plan
It is a very generous, low carbohydrate way of eating which uses mainly low fat proteins, vegetables and fruit in wholesome quantities.

The most important thing about this diet is that there are so many "FREE" healthy foods to choose from. There is very little weighing, measuring or counting - it is so simple to follow and yet the results are amazing.

This is a way of eating that you can follow for life because it includes all the normal foods that families enjoy. You can save units for the times of the day when you are most tempted or when you are eating out. This means that you have the freedom to choose whatever you want to eat.
unit plus slimming plan
No unit foods

Foods you can eat in unlimited quantities
- you will never feel hungry again.

A 5 star selection to start the day.
snack meals
snack meals

Everything for a quick, convenient lunch, snack or supper.
main meals
main meals

An amazing selection of classic and more exotic dishes - all simple to make.

A huge range of unit counted foods - wine, chocolate, bread - so that you can easily choose treats within the diet.
The dishes prepared using Weightcare's own Recipe Books, devised by Weightcare members, are extremely tasty and bring lots of variety to your slimming plan.

This is a slimming Plan that will teach you to adopt a positive approach to eating and losing weight.
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