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Raymond Riley
Raymond no longer relies on painkillers
Raymond says.......

"In 1990, seriously overweight, I started to experience severe chest pains. This was the start of many health problems.

I tried to lose weight by attending the gym - but through working too hard I developed an exceptionally painful knee diagnosed as a 'sports injury'. I stopped using the gym and I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and a severely damaged knee. Because I had stopped exercising my weight started to increase.

My sister was getting married and wanted me to give her away. I looked at myself - I was obese, I had to lose some weight. My wife suggested Weightcare, she had girlfriends who went and I knew that the Unit Plus Diet would really suit me, being a protein eater.

It was hard walking through the door. Fortunatley I was determined - I wasn't going to let anything take my dream away. I finally achieved my Target weight in September.

I no longer rely on painkillers, my knees are much better and I am back at the gym. At last I have found a healthy eating plan that I can stick to and feel positive in saying that my weight problem is well and truly a thing of the past."
Total Weight Loss: 9 stones
Total Inch Loss: 28
Height: 5'10
Slimming Plan: Unit/Low Carb
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