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Mick Hughes
Mick's Health Has Improved Dramatically
Mick says:

I have been overweight for most of my life. I have tried to lose weight by myself and tried several different diet plans. I suppose to be truthful I have always done it half heartedly – partly due to my weight never really bothering me, it never restricted me much. However for the past 2 years it has seriously affected my health (high blood pressure, palpitations and chest pain). Even then I found it hard to motivate myself, even though every time I went to the doctors they insisted I lose weight. But it doesn’t matter who has a go at you – it has got to be down to YOU to lose the weight.

My family suggested I try a slimming club. At first I said ‘no way’ – I thought it was alright for a woman but not for a man! But the family kept on and I was thinking about my health….so, in June 2007 I made that first difficult step and went along to Weightcare.

I am a very shy person but I felt very welcome and at ease from my very first moment at Weightcare. I found the food part of the diet fairly easy as you can eat everyday foods. I still found it hard to keep motivated BUT I have stuck with it! I felt that with all the support I was getting from the class and with all the weight I was losing if I stopped I would not only be letting myself down, I would also be letting down the whole class! They all seemed to be as pleased as I was that I was losing weight. So, up to date, I have lost 7 stones 12lbs and I feel GREAT.

Mick was supported and helpd all the way by his wife Trudy, you can read about them both in our success stories....
Total Weight Loss: 7 stones 12lbs
Total Inch Loss: 20
Height: 5'11
Slimming Plan: Low Fat
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