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Mary Brooks - TOP 10 SLIMMER 2008
Mary Looks Forward To A Healthy Future
Mary says:

I have had a problem with my weight for as long as I can remember. The crunch time for me came last year when I was rushed into hospital to the coronary care unit. On leaving hospital I was given medication to take and was told to lose weight.

I knew that if I did not get my weight down it was becoming more and more unlikely that I would see my children grow up, especially my little girl Chloe.

So I returned to Weightcare and I was determined to do something about my weight and get it sorted once and for all. I stood on the scales. I weighed 17 stones the heaviest I had ever been. It was now or never.

I went along to my class every week and soon the weight started to come off. Everyone at the class spurred me on, I never cheated because if you do you are only fooling yourself. My Consultant gave me so much encouragement every week.

I feel more confident and I am able to buy clothes without going to an outsize shop which is FANTASTIC!
Total Weight Loss: 5 stones 4lbs
Total Inch Loss: 35
Height: 5'5
Slimming Plan: Low Fat
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