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Louise Wakeford-Davy - TOP 10 SLIMMER 2008
Louise Feels On Top Of The World
Louise says….

My partner Mark and I decided to do a pert time degree and I stopped going to Weightcare – but that was the worst thing I could have done. My weight soared and with that the health problems started.

It was getting to the stage where I was out of breath going upstairs and my knees were feeling the strain. Walking only a short distance was a trial because my feet hurt so much.

Seeing the end of my degree in sight I decided to switch my focus to ME. I was desperate to lose weight. I returned to Weightcare, at least until January 2007 until my next year of study would begin. But I was doing so well by January that I decided I couldn’t afford not to keep going to class.

For my 40th birthday we took family and friends out for a meal. I wanted something really nice to wear which I eventually found about a week before our night out. It was a lovely blouse which I did think I looked good in – well as good as you can look in a size 26! Even buying a handbag was difficult – something ‘normal’ people do without thinking. Being so broad across my back and with such a large chest most handbag straps were simply not long enough to reach across me. Carrying bags on my shoulder was not realistic as being so large my shoulders were rounded and bags simply fell off!

Buying clothes was always a horrible experience, I just bought what fitted rather than what I liked. Now I can shop anywhere and I am not afraid of trying all sorts of things on now that I am at Target. For the first time ever, at 43 years old, I asked my Mum for money at Christmas so that I could buy clothes!

I love being slim and I love my new body.

To be at Target is the BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD!
Total Weight Loss: 8 stones
Total Inch Loss: 45.5
Height: 5'2
Slimming Plan: Vegetarian Calories
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