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Sue Wilkes - TOP 10 SLIMMER 2008
Sue Has Taken Years Off The Way She Thinks & Feels
Sue says….

As a young child aged six or seven I suffered with a weight problem. My friends could eat whatever they wanted – sweets, crisps, cakes, chocolate – but I couldn’t, my weight would just pile on. This would then affect me playing sports at school: I was very self conscious in the changing rooms and did everything to avoid the showers. I had many friends but they would be talking about the nice clothes they had bought. I don’t think they ever noticed that I didn’t really show a lot of interest because I could never wear them. But the worst thing of all was the name they gave me – “FATTY ROBINSON”.

I tried many times over the years to lose weight and I would lose as much as 2 or 3 stones, then I would give up and on would go all the weight I had lost and more with it. This was the story of my life, on and off diets.

About 3 years ago I started suffering very badly with pains in my joints and back which affected my work as a carer. In January 2006 my back got so bad that I was virtually unable to walk. I had to give up my job.

At the end of April I joined Weightcare. My physical health was suffering and by now, I’d also got young grandchildren that I wanted to be able to enjoy playing with.

In November last year I attended a school reunion. I hadn’t seen most of my old school friends for 25 years. Because of my weight loss there were very few people who recognised me. I was now the slim person in the room and some of those who had called me Fatty 25 years before were the ones with a weight problem. It made me feel great!

It’s wonderful now to be able to walk into any shop and buy nice clothes and feel good in them. I’ve had such a boost to my confidence, my outlook on life has changed for the better, my health has improved and I’ve taken years off the way I think and act. I FEEL GOOD NOW!!!
Total Weight Loss: 5 stones 3lbs
Total Inch Loss: 27
Height: 5'8
Slimming Plan: Unit
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