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Wendy Middleton-Smith
Weightcare's SLIMMER OF THE YEAR 2009!!
Wendy says……

I have been struggling for years to get rid of my excess weight and got back from my hols last April at 12 stones 12lbs, a weight I seemed to be stuck at. I was very demoralised and depressed and struggled to socialise. If I didn’t have to go out to do something for work or the kids I didn’t go. I even boycotted family get-togethers as there were several thin people there!! Getting up a flight of stairs I had to stop for breath. I tried everything last summer from July 8th - my Step Grand-daughter made me a birthday card with my head on a slim body and I realised excess weight was causing my unhappiness. I managed to lose about a stone but it was a struggle.

My daughter was bullied at school for having a fat Mummy. I was so upset for her. When a friend suggested we join Weightcare I was really ready!

I had a good first week. When my allowance of half a pint of skimmed milk meant all my teas and coffees had to go I just thought “what the heck” and detoxed; everything went – alcohol, wheat, dairy, red meat, tea, coffee…I thoroughly enjoyed working out again at the class and having some regular “me” time.

After a few weeks I thought I would re-qualify as an aerobics instructor and offer myself locally as a relief teacher to keep myself fit. One thing led to another and I loved it so much that I have started an aerobics class and also do holiday cover for any Weightcare classes that need it .

I have shrunk from a size 18 to about a size 8. I have lost 5 stones and over a yard in inches! I cannot describe how I feel – healthier, happier, more energetic. I am high on life. I love it and have set myself a new life goal – a marathon this year! Hurray!
Total Weight Loss: 5 stones
Total Inch Loss: 37
Height: 5'1
Slimming Plan: Low fat
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