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Sue Williams
Slimmer of the Year 2009 - 3rd PRIZE!
Sue says……

I had been overweight almost all my life. I was a fat child and a fat teenager and can remember dreading PE at school. I was always the one that came last in the races and the one that was last to be picked for team games. When all the other teens were out socialising I sat at home eating!

I did manage to lose weight for my wedding by eating nothing but Limits diet biscuits!

I was known as “big Sue”. I was fed-up, unhappy and always tired and suffered joint pains if I ever exerted myself. A few years ago I broke lots of bones in my foot and carrying all my extra weight just prolonged the recovery by years!

I had joined Weightcare several times in the past but never really followed the diet and just expected miracles to happen. When I joined this time I actually went home and followed the diet and guess what? It worked. I chose the Unit Plan and the weight just started to fall off.

Before I joined I used to eat on the sly. I would make sandwiches for the family and had eaten 3 or 4 in the kitchen before I appeared with just one sandwich on my plate in front of everyone. I always finished off any leftovers in the kitchen where nobody could see me.

You can kid yourself you aren’t putting any weight on if you only wear stretchy clothes and I had plenty of those. I used to stand and stretch my T shirts before putting them on. It’s amazing how you can fit a size 18 on a size 20+ body.

So here I am at Target weight and what a life changing event it has been! I do the keep fit class every week and don’t feel out of place. I wear size 10/12 and even put a belt around my waist for show! I went clothes shopping for the first time in years last week and enjoyed every moment.

Now I eat lots of healthy food and never feel hungry or want to eat other people’s leftovers! I have bags of energy and only wish I’d just followed the diet the first time I joined Weightcare as I regret all those fat years.

Wow! This is great!
Total Weight Loss: 4 stones 9lbs
Total Inch Loss: 27
Height: 5' 6
Slimming Plan: Unit Plan
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