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Lorraine Palmer
Slimmer of the Year 2009 - FINALIST
Lorraine says……

One of the main reasons I chose to slim was after gaining around 3 stones during my pregnancy. After my daughter was born I still ate as if I was eating for two and so the baby weight didn’t disappear and I was still 3 stones heavier.

I decided I needed to lose this weight and after chatting to a friend who told me about Weightcare I joined the Leicester Fosse class in July 2008. After stepping on the scales I knew for sure that I wanted to lose just over 3 stones. I set myself a target to lose the weight for my birthday which was in November. I managed to lose weight and in fact got to my Target weight a week before!

When it comes to food I am a very picky person and fussy about what I eat, before I didn’t eat much salad or veg but knew I had to learn how to like them if I wanted to lose weight successfully. I found the Unit Plan so easy to follow.

Like most people my age I like a drink at the weekend. I haven’t stopped this but I control what I drink and never go over my Unit allowance.

I have gone from a size 18 to a size 10 – every young girls dream – I feel comfy in everything I wear and so confident in myself and everything I do.
Total Weight Loss: 3 stones 3lbs
Total Inch Loss: 18
Height: 5' 8
Slimming Plan: Unit Plan
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