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Lisa Stevenson
Slimmer of the Year 2009 - SPECIAL AWARD WINNER: Weightcare Home Slim Online
Lisa says…

I have always struggled with my weight going back to when I was in my late teens. Over the years I have tried a myriad of diets, some known ones and some strange and weird ones. They would work for a while but I would soon notice the weight coming back on.

When I was younger it was easier to carry a bit extra weight but getting into my thirties and being an “overweight” mum at school made me think about losing it sensibly. I joined a slimming club and lost a good deal of weight and was extremely pleased, however I always found it difficult to stay at goal and maintain all the good work so my weight fluctuated up and down.

The crunch came 2 years ago when I was looking forward to my 40th birthday party. I was depressed going around the shops and not being able to buy the lovely slinky dress I wanted to wear. I joined a slimming club again and managed to lose a stone and I felt good. However this was once again short-lived and I was quickly back to being heavier than before. This is when I moved departments at work in April last year and was recommended to Weight Care. The real problem was that their classes were not in the area I lived which made it really hard for me to join however when I looked at the website I noticed the option of joining “online”. Thinking I had nothing to lose I joined and got Lynda assigned as my mentor!

I had real reservations about online dieting as I thought I would never stick to it as this was such an ideal opportunity to cheat and no-one would be none the wiser!! I was totally stunned on how wrong I was.

First week weigh-in was hard (I had lost an initial 6lb before joining as I was, at my worst, 11 stone) and I found it really daunting to have to write down my actual weight (having to admit this is writing made me determined to lose) – this was 10 stone 8 lb.

I had a fantastic welcome email from Lynda and some real words of encouragement (plus a photo) so I felt from that moment on I had to be truthful to Lynda and myself.
Total Weight Loss: 1 stone 8lbs
Total Inch Loss: lots!!!
Height: 5' 3
Slimming Plan: Low Fat
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