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The Wilson Family - Andrew, Jane & Clare
Slimmer of the Year 2009 - SPECIAL AWARD WINNERS
Mum, Jane says....

Meet the Wilson’s…like many families there’s Mum, Dad and three children. Mum is Jane, Dad Andrew then there’s Philip, Tom and Clare.

Fat or fit for life? This became an important question in our family in the autumn of 2007. First Andrew’s Mum died suddenly of heart disease in August. Three months later Jane’s Mum died suddenly of heart disease.

As a family we were greatly shocked: within 3 months both Mum’s were gone. As a family we were all overweight and unfit. For several years Andrew has been on medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

We knew we had to do something. One day in June 2008 the time came. We decided to do something about the way we were living. We had tried several of the big slimming methods – and none had really worked.

We went to Weightcare’s Coalville class. When we first joined Jane was 17 stone 6lbs, Andrew was 22 stones 8lbs and Clare was 8 stones 5lbs. The first thing we found out was how friendly and helpful the group were.

This year we have been married 20 years. It took a long time to get to the weight we were. Change was not going to happen overnight, we knew that we were going to have make a lot of changes in our lifestyle. What – and how much – we were eating needed to change. We were eating far more calories than our bodies needed. By reducing our food intake and becoming more active we began to lose the excess weight.

Having a more active lifestyle doesn’t mean having expensive gym membership and bulging biceps. Simple ways to get active have included: walking the dog, walking to school, getting out in the garden, playing with the children.

As a family we are working towards our individual targets. Andrew’s target is to take part in a major charity event to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

Instead of fat at 40 and 50 we intend to be fit for life!
Total Weight Loss: over 10 stones
Total Inch Loss: lots!!!
Slimming Plan: Low fat
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