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Wendy Peters
Slimmer of the Year 2010 - FINALIST
Wendy says....

There I was, size 18 and gaining, feeling fat, frumpy and unfit. My friend started the Weightcare slimming class 2 weeks earlier and was losing weight really well. It was half past six on a Wednesday night and I rang her up and decided to join her at the class. I felt nervous about going as I had never been to a slimming class before, but everybody was friendly and welcoming.

Oh My God Ė it was actually my turn to get on the scalesÖ14 stone 2lbs, I couldnít believe it, did I really weight that much!!?? I mean, I knew I was overweight but I didnít think I was that big. After talking with Sharon I decided it would be a good idea to go onto the Low Fat Plan. I went away and did my first week on the plan, on the following week Iíd lost 6lbs and was absolutely delighted. How Fantastic! Steadily the weight kept coming off every week.

I was feeling more and more confident as my weight began to drop off. I am now eating a lot more that I used to eat; but my diet is a whole lot healthier and there are loads of lovely recipes to follow in the recipe books so I donít get bored eating the same old foods. Every week people at the class are very encouraging and supportive which really spurs you on.

I am now down to a size 12, which I havenít been in years. I now feel fantastic, confident and full of energy. Itís like I am a completely different person. Iíd recommend Weightcare to anybody, so that they can feel as fantastic as I do now.
Total Weight Loss: 3 stones 10lbs
Total Inch Loss: 17
Height: 5'7
Slimming Plan: Low Fat
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