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Kate Merriman
Weightcare's SLIMMER OF THE YEAR 2010!
Kate says....

My weight problem has been an issue all my life. It started when I was 7 years old and a school nurse said that I was half a stone overweight and that my Mum should put me on a diet. As I grew older I rebelled and ate what I wanted, when I wanted. My school dinner money was spent on chocolate instead of proper meals. At the age of 13 I weighed 13 stones. This was a particularly unhappy time for me as I was bullied at school. I dreaded the bus journey to school as I was called names and shouted at. Sometimes I walked the 3 miles home so I didnít have to endure the name calling.

As I got older it didnít get much better. I was 19 and a half stones at 18. I felt unable to shop with my friends as they were all about size 12 and I was a size 24. I just couldnít shop where they shopped and if I did get something (usually black) Iíd cut the label out so no-one could see the size. My skin was poor and my knees ached. I was missing out on everything Ė going on holiday and clubbing with my friends. I just sat at home and watched TV. What a life for a single teenager. Being fat made me miserable and old before my time. I remember vividly going to the doctorís - IĎd been trying to exercise in a vain attempt to help me lose weight and injured my back. Instead of offering me painkillers he offered me slimming pills. I was devastated.

I heard about Weightcare through a friend but I felt I was just too heavy to join a slimming class, so I tried to diet on my own to minimise my embarrassment at my first weigh-in. When Glynis, my Consultant, told me I had done the hardest part by just walking through the door and that she would get me to target, I just didnít believe her!! But since then I have never looked back. Itís not been an easy journey, itís been a long road and I have given up a few times but I always went back, and Iím so glad I did.

Being slim and in control is the best feeling in the worldÖalthough it hasnít done much for my bank balance!! I love shopping and the first time I put on a size 12 top I cried. My life has changed completely. I go to the gym 5 times a week and you canít keep me out of the nightclubs! I have even signed up to do a 56 mile bike ride from London to Brighton.

Losing weight has been the best thing ever to happen to me. I feel young, healthy and happy. Iím so proud of myself and am so grateful to Glynis for her support.
Total Weight Loss: 7 stones 10lbs
Total Inch Loss: 41
Height: 5'10
Slimming Plan: Unit
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