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Claire Wood
Slimmer of the Year 2010 - FINALIST
Claire says...

After having my second child I was constantly using the excuse ďIíve just had a babyĒ as my reason for being overweight. When my daughter reached her 1st birthday I decided something just had to be done! I had been talking to a friend for ages about coming to Weightcare and so when she rang and said ďLetís go tonightĒ I decided to go for it.

Everyone at the Stoke Golding group was so friendly and encouraging which really helped, and of course my Consultant, Aimee is very welcoming too so itís always been a pleasure to go along on a Thursday night.

I started the Low Fat diet and I found it very easy to follow. I lost the first stone and a half really quickly but of course it slowed down a bit after that. But itís easy to stick to as itís quite flexible. I had to stop myself from finishing the childrenís leftovers (I hate waste!) and find strategies for stopping myself snacking Ė crispbreads with cottage cheese have been a great help! Iíve tried various diets over the years but this one has been the most successful Iíve ever done.

I also started to exercise, something I generally hate! I honestly thought that running around after two small children would be enough, but apparently not. I started running, not for long, just half an hour at a time. It got a lot easier as the weight came off!

Itís brilliant when people notice how much weight Iíve lost. Everyone has been very supportive, including my husband, whoís been eating my low fat foods too (he doesnít seem to have lost much weight, probably something to do with the beer..!) It feels great to get into clothes I havenít been able to wear for years and really good to get rid of my bigger clothes. I am determined never to need them again!
Total Weight Loss: s stones 12lbs
Total Inch Loss: 15
Height: 5'6
Slimming Plan: Low Fat
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