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Julie Smith
Slimmer of the Year 2010 - FINALIST
Julie says....

I work in Sainsbury’s Bakery department – surrounded by food all day long! I used to pick at food all day long then get home and order takeaways late at night because I was just too lazy to cook!

I went on holiday to Greece, when we had the photos developed I saw just how big I was. At that point I decided I was not going back to Greece this July looking like a beached whale. Alongside the holiday photos, I found the comments from my friends and family, however innocent, really made me feel awful. I was going to show them that I could lose weight and look great.

In September I started at Weightcare. I went with a positive attitude and with determination I knew I could achieve a lighter, more confident, more focused me.

Definitely no more picking and generally a much healthier, low fat eating regime. Three meals a day ONLY!

Temptation was always in my path at work and at home, but I just gritted my teeth and stayed focused on my goal. As the weeks went by it did become easier but it was always a challenge.

The food I was able to eat was quite similar to my previous diet, but the portion sizes were reduced, the fat content was lower but just as tasty. My cooking skills have improved and I found that my laziness in the kitchen disappeared along with my weight! I ate earlier in the day and this gave me a lot more energy.

A steady pace and determination got me down to a size I love. I’m slimmer, more confident and definitely healthier than I was. It’s great! Can’t wait to get my bikini on and relax by the pool in Greece – SLIM!
Total Weight Loss: 3 stones
Total Inch Loss: 21
Height: 5'4
Slimming Plan: Low Fat
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