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The Spurling Family - Keith, Michaela & Jackie
Slimmer of the Year 2010 - SPECIAL AWARD WINNERS
Michalea saysÖ.

I joined Weightcare in May 2007, I weighed 18 stones 9lbs and was a very shy person, with no confidence. I reached my Target in 2008 with a loss of over 7 stones. What a change! Iím no longer that shy person and have a new career in a job Iíve always wanted.

Keith SaysÖ.

I watched Michaela shrink before my eyes and her confidence grow. I realised that if I put my mind to it I could lose weight too. It took some persuading for me to join the Weightcare class, I didnít think men did this sort of thing, but to my surprise when I joined I wasnít the only man there. I actually enjoyed going, still do, we have a laugh and everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Because we were both on the diet together meal times became a lot easier, we were able to plan meals together and give each other support. I got to Target in just 14 weeks with a loss of 3 stones.

Jackie saysÖ.

At home Iíd started to eat meals that my Mum and Dad were eating and found I enjoyed them even though they were healthy! My school prom was coming up and I wanted to be slimmer and look my best. I decided to join my parents at our local Weightcare class. When I arrived there was already someone else there my own age which made me feel more comfortable. Iíve already lost over 2 stones and been to my prom in a dress that was 2 sizes smaller. I felt really good, and Iím now thinking ahead to the next occasion where I need new clothes and they will be another size smaller!

We all feel great about what weíve achieved. It can be done, if you just put your mind to it. Thanks Weightcare!!!!
Total Weight Loss: over 12 stones
Total Inch Loss: lots!!!
Slimming Plan: Low Fat
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