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Boo Robb
In 1994, Boo lost 6 stones at our Bedworth class and felt on top of the world.

Boo thought she had been cured. No one told her that getting to Target wasn’t the end of her battle and wouldn’t cure her from being greedy. In fact Boo lost control and found that before she knew it she had put back 5 stones.

Her saving grace came when Weightcare re-opened our Bedworth class and without hesitation Boo joined on the first night.

To embark on a weight loss journey when you have a large amount of weight to lose is like climbing a mountain and to do it twice is something a lot of people wouldn’t have the heart or the courage to do.

When Boo was asked to be Bedworth’s Slimmer of the Year entry, she didn’t hesitate saying “I want to do it for all the poor people who are too embarrassed to come back and start again”

She looks fantastic and 10 years younger and deserves all the happiness being at Target brings and we have no doubt that this is where she will be staying.
Total Weight Loss: 5 stones 9lbs
Total Inch Loss: 29
Height: 5'5
Slimming Plan: LOW FAT
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