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Emma Thornhill
Emmaís confidence was at an all time low and she had stopped going out with her friends because she felt so ashamed of the way she looked.

In May, this year, she saw an old school friend Ė she wanted to say hello but instead she avoided her. Emma didnít want her to see how fat and frumpy she had become.

That was the day she decided to make a change. This was the point where she said enough is enough. She joined Weightcare the very same week.

Emma was delighted that our diets arenít about fad dieting or starving yourself, itís simply about eating healthy food in sensible proportions.

With determination Emma embarked on her personal slimming campaign Ė she has won the support of everyone at her Weightcare class through her modest dedication.

The 4 stones have melted away in less than 5 months and Emma has emerged looking fantastic Ė exercising regularly and has even managed to complete a 5k run for charity. Her confidence has rocketed. She is now really looking forward to a happier, slimmer future.
Total Weight Loss: 4 stones
Total Inch Loss: lots!!
Height: 5'8
Slimming Plan: LOW FAT
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