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Janet Higgs
It was the photograph of herself at her mum’s 90th birthday that made Janet realise that something had to be done!

She joined Weightcare with the goal to lose 3 stones.

Dropping dress sizes was the most wonderful feeling 18-16-14 – never get into size 12 she would tell herself and now she is.

Another challenge for Janet was running. In the beginning she couldn’t even run to the end of the road but was determined to do this – she even put her name down for the 5k Race for Life. She did the race in 35 minutes and raised £305.

Janet sadly lost her sister to cancer this year and had to have her beloved dog put to sleep all in the same week, but she still went to class with a smile. The exercise really helped her to focus through her bad times, because we all know when we have sad times the bad foods creep back in!

Everyone is so proud of what Janet has achieved over the last year.
Total Weight Loss: 3 stones 1lb
Total Inch Loss: 18
Height: 5'6
Slimming Plan: UNIT PLUS
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