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Sarah Brinkley
The final straw came for Sarah in January, 2010 when on a flight to Ireland she struggled to do up her seat belt. She vowed that she would never be one of those people who had to ask for an extension for their belt.

She was a size 24 when she joined Weightcare with her partner, Patrick and weighed over 20 stones. Her only dread was that she wouldn’t be able to keep up the momentum that is needed to become slim.

But, she never looked back. With the support of the whole class and the fact that Sarah and Patrick were slimming, exercising and planning meals together brought unbelievable success. This has now become part of their lives.

Sarah feels so much healthier and has so much more energy. Her life has changed drastically and for the better.

Total Weight Loss: 7 stones 9lbs
Total Inch Loss: lots!!
Height: 5'7
Slimming Plan: LOW FAT
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