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Helen McMullin
Helen has struggles with her weight since her teens. Working as a nurse didn’t help, irregular shift patterns made sticking to any sort of diet difficult. At her heaviest Helen weighted 35 stones. Her health began to suffer. She went along to her GP and this prompted Helen to try Weightcare.

By 2009 Helen had lost 6 stones but a back injury really brought it home to her that recovery would be so much easier if she was carrying less weight. This gave Helen renewed focus and determination to achieve her Target weight.

But with so much weight to lose it was a struggle and Helen’s health problems continued. Taking lots of medication and finding work increasing difficult, Helen became depressed. After much agonising and discussions with her doctors, family and friends, Helen made the decision to have a gastric bypass operation.

This was by no means an easy option and Helen still continued to come along to her Weightcare class – she still needed to stick to a very strict diet and the help and support she received from everyone at the class was a tremendous boost.

Now Helen is 17˝ stones lighter and feels fabulous! She’s enjoying buying fashionable clothes for the first time in years. On a recent flight home to visit family in Ireland old friends and family barely recognised the new Helen. Helen is full of confidence and loves life!
Total Weight Loss: 17 stones 7lbs
Total Inch Loss: 42
Height: 6'1
Slimming Plan: LOW FAT
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