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Gemma Whysall
Weightcare's SLIMMER OF THE YEAR 2012
Gemma had always been big but the situation got worse when she went off to university – living on pizza, macaroni cheese and red wine. By her graduation she was a size 26.

She met her husband to be and 6 weeks before the wedding, on her hen weekend, fell and broke her knee. Hours later she was in plaster from hip to toe. The consultant advised her that her weight was part of the reason for the injury and it wouldn’t help her recovery but she did walk down the aisle. It was then she realised that she needed to slim as she was scared the same might happen to her other knee.

Gemma decided to go along to Weightcare despite being scared and dreading walking through the doors. She needn’t have been worried as she received a warm welcome from the class and has stayed to every class since. She believes that the class helps to motivate, give you ideas and support you in your commitment to being good.

Gemma will be celebrating her 30th birthday in New York sporting a size 16 dress – 6 stones and 9 lbs lighter.
Total Weight Loss: 6 stones 9lbs
Total Inch Loss: 35
Height: 6' 0
Slimming Plan: Low Fat
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