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Alison Tudhope
After losing 2 stones with Weightcare in 1994, Alisonís weight was once again increasing but she just couldnít control her eating habits. By August 2010 she had to face the fact that she was shopping for a size 20 dress for a friends wedding. When she saw the wedding pictures she couldnít believe it, it was such a painful experience seeing herself. This was the wake up call she needed along with an invitation to another wedding in September 2011. The challenge was on! When a flyer appeared on the mat announcing the opening of a new Weightcare class in Bedworth it felt like divine intervention.

Alison felt physically sick at her first weigh in, having to face the facts - very overweight, a size 20 and an open invitation for ill health. She set mini goals and rewarded herself when she achieved them and by 17th January 2012 she received her gold Target award having lost an amazing 5 stones 3lbs, she felt on top of the world.

With the support of her consultant, her family, husband and her fellow class members she had done it.

Alison booked herself on a cruise and at the Captains Meet & Greet she posed proudly for her photograph having come full circle.
Total Weight Loss: 5 stones 3 lbs
Total Inch Loss: 30
Height: 5' 1
Slimming Plan: Low Fat
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