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Stuart Bywater
Stuart had decided it was time to shed a few pounds as he was having to buy bigger clothes and daily tasks were becoming difficult – even just putting on his shoes was an effort!

A friend recommended Weightcare and in January 2012 he decided to give it a go and went along to the Coalville morning class. It must have been very daunting with 30 plus women there! He started on the low fat plan and stayed every week to class, becoming a popular member giving lots of motivation to his fellow slimmers.

With Weightcare’s help by March he had managed to lose 5 stones 2 lbs to get him to Target, with no gains!

His health has greatly improved and it is now a pleasure to buy new clothes, not a chore. He feels much better in himself and not so tired all of the time.

Weightcare has really given him a new lease of life and he looks wonderful.
Total Weight Loss: 5 stones 2lbs
Total Inch Loss: Lots!
Height: 6' 1
Slimming Plan: Low Fat
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