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Dawn Barrs
Dawn had struggled with her weight for a long time and at a size 22-24, life was very depressing and restricting. She was constantly embarrassed when she went out. Dawn had also been diagnosed with a condition called Chiari – where the skull grows and pushes the brain into the neck and spinal chord.

The condition can cause lots of pain and numbness and can eventually lead to being in a wheelchair. Dawn had to have lumber punctures and it took six people to administer them because of her weight. She was mortified when she had to go into an extra large scanner for an MRI. It was time to do something.

Dawns sister, Lyn, talked her into going to Weightcare, “ I was so nervous but I shouldn’t have been, it was the best thing I could’ve done. I had to think about the poor person who might have the job of looking after me one day.”

Dawn was very determined and lost an incredible 7 stones, taking her just 1 year and 5 weeks to reach her Target. During that time she has become a helper at the class and offers support and understanding to all our slimmers at Coalville. Each week she is so bubbly and positive, she thinks of everyone else and never herself.

Dawn is living proof of the power of positive thinking. She deserves to receive praise and applause for her achievement. She is a true ambassador for Weightcare and an inspiration to us all.
Total Weight Loss: 7 stones
Total Inch Loss: 32
Height: 5' 5
Slimming Plan: Unit Plus
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