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June Chase
In August 2010 when the doctor advised June that she needed to go onto tablets for this and that, she decided it was time to lose some weight. He gave her 6 months to prove herself and she managed to lose 2 stones in that time.

Gaining only occasionally, staying totally focused, it has taken just over a year for June to reach her Target. She has been fully dedicated to achieving her goal. She even uses blocks of butter to help visualise the amount of pounds she has lost!

June loves to cook and often treats the class to one of her slimming creations for the class raffle.

She is so much more confident and has finally stopped pulling at her tops to cover her tum and bum! She can get her socks on without a struggle and is no longer out of breath going up the stairs.

She is such an inspiration to all members of the class, very motivational and is just a lovely lady.
Total Weight Loss: 4 stones 4lbs
Total Inch Loss: 46
Height: 5' 7
Slimming Plan: Low Fat
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