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Toni Pegg
Toni hadn’t realised how the pounds had crept on until her brother got married in Cyprus. When she saw the wedding photos she felt sick and angry that she had allowed herself to become so big.

She started to look for a realistic diet that she thought she could stick to and decided to join Weightcare with her sister in June 2011. She found the class very friendly and welcoming, however the shock came when she looked at the scales.

Seeing her weight made her so determined to change her life for the better, not only to feel and look better but to prevent the health issues associated with being overweight. Her mum suffers with type 1 diabetes and has to rely on insulin. Being a mum of three she wanted to enjoy life with her children knowing that she was keeping her body healthy.

Toni found the eating plan easy to follow and adjust to and managed to fit it around her job as a carer. A year later she had lost an amazing 5 stones. She now does various fitness classes during the week, including Weightcare’s aerobic class, and really enjoys them.

Toni feels that her biggest achievement is being able to look in the mirror and like what she sees - but also knowing that she is helping to prevent any health issues that come with being overweight.

Total Weight Loss: 5 stones 2lbs
Total Inch Loss: 30
Height: 5' 5
Slimming Plan: Low Fat
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