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Jean Morris
Weightcare Slimmer of the Year 2013 FINALIST
After all the Christmas festivities in January 2011 I was feeling very overweight. My best friend was feeling the same and asked if I would join Weightcare with her. I said no! I liked my food too much! However my doctor had advised me that I needed to lose weight to help ease my arthritis – I walked with a stick at this time and I couldn’t walk far without becoming out of breath. This, along with the insistence of my friend meant that I gave in and off we went to Weightcare.

The class and all the people there were so nice and made us feel very welcome. Many of them are now good friends. Anyway, I stepped on the scales that first night and was horrified to see that I weighed over 15 stones. It was a real shock to the system I can tell you.

My friend and I set off on our journey together and each week we lost weight. The diet was great, with lots of good choices, all the foods being healthy and low in fat.

As the weeks went on I felt better and better in myself. I started to do some gardening again, and oh, how wonderful to be able to bend and get up again without getting stuck! I then joined an aqua aerobics class – there was no stopping me. I even became a model for a fashion show, raising money for charity. I felt like a star on that cat walk!

Shopping for clothes became a brand new experience – being able to go to the smaller size rails instead of the bigger ones is fantastic, like a dream. As of today I have lost 5 stones 7lbs and I feel wonderful. I don’t just walk without my stick – I can run! I’ve not done that in years. I feel SO GOOD! It just goes to show that even at my young age of 76 it’s never too late to be healthier, fitter and definitely slimmer! Thanks Weightcare!
Total Weight Loss: 5 stones 9lbs
Total Inch Loss: Size 24 to size 16
Height: 4' 10
Slimming Plan: Low Fat
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