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Mandy Burtenshaw
Weightcare Slimmer of the Year 2013 FINALIST
I have always been big!! Iíve tried every diet under the sun, slimming clubs, pills, acupuncture, even hypnosis. Everything worked for a little while but Iíd give up and end up putting back on what Iíd lost and more.

Two years ago I went on what was supposed to be a once in a lifetime family holiday to America, but my weight marred the whole trip. I had to have extension belts fitted on any ride that I could fit into, I perspired throughout and was bitten really badly which made me so ill I had to miss a family wedding when I came home.

The girls in our family celebrate a couple of nights out a year when we hit the nightclubs and have a laugh, but I was the only one who sat on the sidelines, wearing my baggy t-shirt and size 26 jeans. I had no confidence - just walking across the dance floor to get to the toilets horrified me. I was miserable and, as always, I turned to my old friend food for comfort.

My very dear eldest brother died in 2012 and this was the wake-up call for me. I knew if I didnít do something about my weight I could be next. In September 2012 I plucked up the courage and joined Weightcare with my sister. I was the heaviest Iíve ever been. I found the eating plan much more straightforward than I ever thought possible. I could eat plenty and have great variety. My Consultant Glynis and the whole group were supportive, always encouraging me.

My Mum passed away in June this year. She was so proud of my weight loss and how happy I was. I actually wore a dress to the funeral, that was the first time Iíd worn a dress for 13 years.

This year on our girls night out I danced the night away (even on the tables). This is a new me. I buy fashionable clothes and new matching sexy underwear. I am persevering with the heels Ė all I used to wear were doc martens and trainers! And, after 20 years sitting at home I am now on the dating scene, something that Iíd never have thought possible. I canít believe how my lifeís changed and I love it!!
Total Weight Loss: 8 stones
Total Inch Loss: Size 26 to size 16
Height: 5' 6
Slimming Plan: Low Fat
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