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Margaret Taylor
Weightcare Slimmer of the Year 2014 Finalist
I began this journey on January 6th 2013. With much trepidation I joined the Weightcare group in Syston and was shocked and embarrassed when I stepped on to the scales and weighed just 3lbs short of 18 stones. It was certainly going to be some journey!

I had many “light-bulb” moments before finally deciding to do something about my weight. For instance, arriving at the 2012 Olympics and realising there were so many steps and no hand rails to pull myself up with! On another family occasion someone bought a cover for the grass and we all sat down. I couldn’t get up and had the embarrassment of being hauled to my feet by my sons. We won’t even mention about my taking up all the room on bus and plane seats.

In the run up to Christmas 2012 I used to fantasise about a slim me, I wanted my family to be proud of me. I knew that I was not healthy and should try to do something about it. I didn’t want to go into my seventies as unfit.

Joining the group was a big thing for me and I really held no great expectations that it would work. But the diet did make sense and I could get my head around it! I launched myself into the diet and lost 7lbs in my first week. I continued to lose steadily each week settling at around 2lbs per week, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. Winning my first sticker was amazing, perhaps I could do it. I so wanted to.

I joined a gym, another milestone, a new experience. The staff were kind and seemed unsurprised by someone clearly not young and fit. I soon settled and felt like an old hand. I have recently started running and have my sights set on some marathons in the future!

My new life has begun at seventy!
Total Weight Loss: 7 stones
Total Inch Loss: Size 24 to size 14
Slimming Plan: Low Fat
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