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Graham Cross
Weightcare SLIMMER OF THE YEAR 2015
I had been an enthusiastic sports and gym person most of my life, being naturally big in build I was chosen for school and town Rugby teams. I practiced Karate for years and played badminton twice and sometimes three times a week. These activities came to an abrupt end following a knee injury and subsequent surgery. Being diagnosed with arthritis in both knees added to my problems.

With mobility problems and no sporting activities the only muscles I seemed to be working were those attached to my jaw bone. I have always enjoyed my food and failed to limit my enjoyment even though I was now less active. As I gained weight my knee problems increased. As my knee problems increased I became less active. A vicious circle was created but I couldn’t see it.

One day after a visit to my in-laws and struggling with knee pain I was talking to my wife on our way home. She confided in me that my mother in law had said that she thought I would end up in a wheelchair. This upset me but looking back it was one of the things that triggered my determination to do something about my problems but still I could not recognize in my mind the effect of my increasing weight and how this was limiting my mobility. I was in increasing pain walking and struggled to stand for any length of time.

I found that I was struggling at work. My job involves a lot of walking and I had begun to dread it when I knew I had a particularly big day of walking and standing facing me. I even began to plan my day around where I could have a sit down and rest because I knew I was going to struggle.

Looking back I think that the biggest trigger for me taking the decision to try and lose weight was when one day my 6 year old boy came to me. Jack always liked to have 5 minutes sitting on my lap in my favourite reclining chair. We have our final chat of the day and a little cuddle before he goes to bed. He said to me, “Dad… when will your poorly knee get better so we can play football together?” When Jack had gone to bed I sat by myself and thought. I wanted to play as much as I could with my boy and be as healthy as I could for the rest of my life for him and my wife.

Joining Weightcare was without doubt one of the best decisions of my life. The knowledge regarding nutrition and the motivational talks given by our class leader are amazing but it’s the support and encouragement I get from all my class friends, my wife and family that I owe my weight loss success to.
Total Weight Loss: 9 Stones
Total Inch Loss: 20
Height: 6'2
Slimming Plan: Low Fat
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