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Michelle Squires
Weightcare Slimmer of the Year 2015 FINALIST
I’m not sure when I started piling on the pounds, I can only remember that it was at an early age. At mealtimes I’d clean my plate but still find room for more, even though my belly was telling me I was full my head was saying “there’s room for more”. I was like a vacuum cleaner, hoovering it all up.

At school I was the fat kid, bullies made my life a misery, as I got bigger the bullying got worse. Things were also bad for me at home I had secrets I felt I couldn’t tell but instead of doing something about it I’d eat for comfort. I’d get home from school and search the cupboards and fridge for anything that would take away my misery, crisps and biscuits, bars of chocolate – I’d sneak into my bedroom and eat the lot, then have my dinner as normal. This was my daily cycle for years.

I’d tried many diets but I could never stick to them, or didn’t want to. When a friend told me she was going to start a new diet class and asked if I wanted to go I said yes – I hadn’t heard of Weightcare before. When I was weighed for the first time I was the heaviest I have ever been, a whopping 21 stones 3lbs. I knew I had to give it a try. After talking to my Weightcare Consultant Julie I thought, yes, I’ll give it a go. I found new recipes on Weightcare’s website and was enjoying spending time in the kitchen cooking healthily instead of being a couch potato stuck in front of the TV with crisps and chocolate. My meals were filling and I didn’t find myself craving for things. When I lost 6lbs in my first week it spurred me on, after that I averaged 2lbs a week. It wasn’t easy but I had the help and support of Julie and everyone in the class. My family and friends were also there to support me along the way. Finally I had found the motivation to do it!.

When I was asked to take part in a charity fashion show for Weightcare I was hesitant at first but it’s one of those things I will always be happy I did. The people were so lovely and so supportive, it really helped my confidence in myself, which made me even more determined to reach my Target weight.

I finally hit my Target in March this year, with a total loss of 8 stones but the icing on the cake is that I have since lost another stone!
Total Weight Loss: 9 stones
Total Inch Loss: Size 28 to Size 14
Height: 5'11
Slimming Plan: Unit Plus
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