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Kim Deacon
Weightcare Slimmer of the Year 2015 FINALIST
For years I often thought about trying to lose weight, but I didnít seem able to pluck up the courage to give it a go. It was a friend who first told me about Weightcare and how well it was working for her. Seeing how well she had done I decided to give them a call. I arranged my first appointment at the One 2 One Personal slimming service in Coalville with Elaine.

Itís not an understatement to say I was terrified when I first went along. I knew I was big but until I stood on the scales for the first time I hadnít realised quite how big. I neednít have worried though, Elaine was lovely and together we worked out that the Low Fat Plan would be best for me.

The most difficult thing for me was giving up my fizzy drinks. I could easily drink a 2 litre bottle of pop in a day. I have to admit the first week was hard, cutting out some of the things I was used to eating, I did get hungry sometimes. But oh, when I went along to see Elaine for my second appointment and I had lost 7lbs I was over the moon, I couldnít believe it! From then on I found the plan easy to stick to and the weight literally dropped off. Since Iíve been following the plan Iíve only had one gain, after I had an operation.

From being a size 18-20 Iím now in a size 10-12. It is AMAZING because initially I had only thought Iíd get to a size 14! Itís strange but I still find myself looking at the size 18-20 clothes Ė then I realise I donít have to and itís a wonderful feeling. I used to have to be persuaded to wear a dress Ė but not anymore!

My health has improved greatly and my confidence has soared. I have so much energy and go for long walks, even climb trees with the kids! Iím so glad I joined Weightcare. My life is so much better now - in so many ways.
Total Weight Loss: 4 stones 8lbs
Total Inch Loss: Size 20 to Size 12
Height: 5'2
Slimming Plan: Low Fat
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