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Jo Humpage
Weightcare Slimmer of the Year 2015 FINALIST
When I came to Weightcare last March it took me every ounce of courage I had to walk through those doors. I sat in the car for about 10 minutes trying not to cry before going in.

A few weeks previously Iíd sat in my doctorís office in floods of tears. Everything had gotten on top of me and I was struggling to cope with life. It was my lowest point ever and I just couldnít see how to carry on. The doctor had said I had Ďclinical depressioní and wanted to put me on medication. I was horrified and didnít want to go down that route Ė I had seen their effect on other members of my family. I went home in a daze and sat and cried again. But then I thought about my late Mum. I knew sheíd be saying ďCome on Jo, get a grip and get on with it.Ē

I took a long hard look at my life. Quite simply, I didnít have one! I was existing, not living. My life revolved around everyone else. Somewhere in my 30ís I had forgotten to take care of me. I had a job that I hated, a marriage that was in trouble, I had no social life. I detested the way I looked so much that I stopped caring about my appearance. I had no confidence whatsoever. I knew that unless I addressed my weight nothing else would change.

I found Weightcare on Google. There was a class in the next town so there would be no one there I knew, which pleased me as I was so ashamed of how I looked. The group was lovely and friendly, even though I sat at the back and tried not to make eye contact with anyone. I loved the choice of diets and decided to follow Weightcareís low calorie plan and I steadily started to lose weight.

I cannot put into words how much my life has changed since joining Weightcare! I actually have a life! Iíve done things Iíd never have dreamt of. Iíve done indoor parachuting, ridden a horse. Iíve had the tattoo Iíve always wanted Ė and itís a big one! Iíve run 5K for charity, including a Mud Run, as well as running 5K Park runs. Iíve started playing netball again and have turned into a Zumba diva! Iíve rediscovered friendships Ė my husband claims Iím never in.

Iíve changed my job to one I love that gives me time to spend with my family. And finally Iíve fulfilled an ambition to see Take That in concert. Iíd never had the confidence to do any of these things before Weightcare Ė I felt I didnít deserve to have fun. Plus I was always worried about what people were thinking Ė now I donít care!

I love my new body Ė Iím stronger and fitter than ever. My 15 year old son often runs with me and is proud I can keep up with him and his Rugby playing friends. I love being a positive example to my 11 year old daughter, she canít wait to start playing netball for her own team. But the best thing of all is Iíve rediscovered ME again. I love my life now that Iím actually living it Ė and it shows, I canít stop smiling!
Total Weight Loss: 7 stones 2lbs
Total Inch Loss: Size 26 to Size 14
Height: 5'7
Slimming Plan: Low Fat
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