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Lindsey Robinson
Weightcare Slimmer of the Year 2015 FINALIST
I had never had a weight problem until I had my first child. I went from doing a very manual job. Cycling 16 miles to and from work five days a week and playing sport to a very high level to sitting at home doing nothing.

I knew I had to do something but chose to ignore it. Until one evening after taking a bath and struggling to cut my toe nails I just sobbed uncontrollably. I was at my lowest ebb. I thought enough is enough. I was the only one who could change the way I was feeling. I got my youngest daughter to take a photo of me Ė this was a first as I always tried to steer clear of any cameras but I thought if I had a picture to look at it would give me the motivation I needed.

This is when I joined Weightcare. I had tried other, well known slimming clubs but nothing had ever worked for me. On my first week at Weightcare I lost a whopping 9lbs! I couldnít believe my eyes! I was so proud of myself and it gave me more motivation than ever. I continued to lose weight every week, it was fantastic. I hadnít felt so good in ages. I started jogging every other day and went swimming every week. I started to play my old sports to a high level. I was even asked to attend the England senior rounders team trial.

I feel like the old Lindsey is back. I can actually go clothes shopping now and not dread it. I donít hide behind my baggy clothes and coat anymore and I feel great.

Without the help and encouragement from Donna my Weightcare Consultant, and my family and friends I donít think I would have been able to do it.
Total Weight Loss: 3 stones
Total Inch Loss: Size 18 to Size 12
Height: 5'0
Slimming Plan: Unit Plus
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