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Roy & Sue Clay
Slimming together!
Sue Says...

Before we joined Weightcare Roy had arthritis in his knee and couldn’t walk far without using a stick and struggled to climb stairs. The doctor told him if he didn’t lose weight he would be crippled within a year. I could walk but just plodded along, having very little energy. We both enjoyed our food and liked a drink with our meals. We were both very big and trying to find clothes that fitted and looked good was very difficult.

So in September 2015 we joined Weightcare. I’d done it before, 20 – 25 years ago and so we decided to follow the Unit Diet as I knew it worked. I make our meals interesting by trying new things, using the recipes in Weightcare’s recipe book and in this way we are able to keep going! Since starting the diet we have cut down on the amount we drink and now have water with our meals.

Since we joined we have had 3 holidays, amounting to about 6 weeks away. We put a little bit of weight on but lost it again within a week or so of being back at our Weightcare class.

In the 33 weeks of being at Weightcare Roy has lost 6 stones and has dropped from a size 4XL to 2XL. He aims to lose just over another stone to bring his total to 100lbs! I have lost 3 stones 10lbs and dropped from a size 20/22 to a size 14/16. My aim is to lose 4 and a half stones.

We are feeling much fitter and healthier…and happier! Since losing weight we’ve started walking and each time increase our range. As we lost weight walking became easier and we have more energy – Roy no longer needs the use of his stick.

Over the years we have tried many times to lose weight but found it very difficult and soon stopped. We needed the support of Weightcare. Having the class to go to every week and the encouragement of all the other members we’re able to keep to our goals and hopefully before long we will be at Target.
Total Weight Loss: Almost 10 stones so far!
Slimming Plan: Unit
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