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Michelle Finn
I decided enough was enough....
Christmas 2014 I decided that enough was enough, I felt so frumpy and size 20/22 clothes were not where I wanted to be so I made a decision to join Weightcare in the New Year with my mum. I was looking at photos of myself and cringing. I couldnt believe how big Id become. Despite years of fad diets, overeating and a lack of exercise meant my weight had crept up to just over 16 stone. As I scanned the pictures of me at various festive parties, I couldnt help but compare myself to my friends. I used to shop in just 2 shops the ones that do plus-size clothes and wore outfits meant for women 20 years older! My clothes were all about covering up, not looking stylish.

Ive made some amazing discoveries on my weight loss journey (yes, I have a body under there!). But Im still figuring out my new identity and what suits me, and my changing body shape is still being defined. I was a slim and fit teenager. A sports injury meant I tore my cruciate ligament in my knee which meant my netball days were over, after many operations and a knee reconstruction I found that my weight started to pile on and spiral out of control from a size 12 to a size 22.

I wasnt able to walk long distances as I was so out of breath going it was uncomfortable and not enjoyable, how things can change I am now able to walk 7 miles up hill and feel great, apart from the aching legs that is! My health has improved, my knee is less painful now and generally life is good.

Patience is definitely a virtue I joined Weightcare in January 2015 and lost a stone within the first month, after that I steadily lost 1-2lb a week. However, a new job in a primary school meant that I wasnt just sitting at a desk but also walking, and it felt good, which gave me a new lease of life to get motivated and shift the weight that had depressed me for so many years.

I have lost 4 stone in one and a half years (and come from a size 22 to 14) slow for some, but every single pound lost was hard won and permanent. It's no good getting complacent - After I had lost a couple of stones, I thought I could do it myself at home for a couple of weeks, but when nobody's got your back, it's so much easier to fail. Eating takeaways without tracking can be deadly, so back to the meetings I went, for the support and encouragement from my Weightcare Consultants Glynis and Jo and also friends that I have made at the Club.

It's important to take responsibility - I want to be healthy, so I try to eat lots of protein based foods and less carbohydrates like bread (which was my downfall but now I have retrained my mind not to rely on bread as much) I always pile my plates high with vegetables/salads.

Everyone has to find what motivates them I love looking at old photographs and the before and after, I'm just staying within my Target weight now. Life may be a series of ups and downs but if you push forward, you will get there eventually, just like I did.

In June 2016 I hit my goal weight, but Im still on a voyage of self-discovery. I expected the physical changes, but the mental changes are equally as life changing.
Total Weight Loss: 4 stones
Slimming Plan: Unit
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