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Julie Morrissey
Embarrassment is a thing of the past
Julie says.....

"It was after an embarrassing incident at a camping and activity weekend that I realised I had to do something about my weight problem. I made a desperate leap for the only large sleeping bag on offer and grabbed it as though I had won the lottery with everyone looking at me. I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.

It was at this point I knew that I had to take drastic action and get my life in order. That's when I joined Weightcare. I went along every week and every week I would lose weight, sometimes only one pound, but it was always that little bit nearer to my Target.

My weight loss has had a major impact on my life and opened so many doors for me. I have recently been horse riding for the first time in twenty years and it was fantastic.

My advice to anyone wanting to lose weight is to do it for you - it certainly changed my life. Without the support at my Weightcare club I would not have achieved the results I have today."
Total Weight Loss: 7 stones 4lbs
Total Inch Loss: 33
Height: 5'7
Slimming Plan: Unit/Low Carb
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