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going veggie needn’t mean learning enough new recipes to fill an Encyclopedia. Many familiar dishes such as Spaghetti Bolognese, Chille and Stir Fries can easily made vegetarian. The key is choosing a healthy meat substitutes such as tofu, beans, lentils, whole grain products (brown rice, wholegrain bread), dark green vegetables, soya milk and nuts.

LOW FAT Vegetarian Slimming Plan
vegetarian slimming plan
These include Breakfast, Light Meals, Main Meals and snacks - and within Weightcare’s recipe Books there are lots of delicious vegetarian dishes.

Weightcare's Vegetarian Calorie Plan
Veggie slimmers love to count calories because it is a very flexible method of slimming. Weightcare’s plan is popular because there are over ninety meal suggestions which have been calorie counted so that you can select and build up your own menu.

It’s so easy to make sure that you’re getting a balanced diet with Weightcare.
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