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From the moment you walk through the door at our Weightcare classes you will be made to feel at home. You can be assured of a warm welcome from your Consultant and fellow members.

Weightcare Consultants are the key to inspirational club meetings.

They provide information, motivation and the incentive to slim for every member. Every Weightcare Consultant has had a weight problem which means that they understand the ups and downs of losing weight.

After being welcomed, it's time for what many new members dread - standing on the scales. Take these worries away. Every Weightcare Consultant makes sure that you never feel embarrassed. You are weighed weekly and your weight is never disclosed. There are no uncomfortable revelations - everything is in strict confidence.

At Weightcare, we don't just offer ONE Slimming Plan. We have many diets to suit every lifestyle and your Consultant will guide and support you to find the one that will suit you.

You will then be invited to join your fellow members for the Slimming Session which is full of warmth, fun and friendship. Each week your Consultant will concentrate on the psychological and practical aspects of losing weight, including motivational talks, shared ideas, food choices, recipes and inspirational slimmers.

The most important aspect of all is learning to change your lifestyle to adopt a new healthy way of eating to keep you slim for life. We will show you how!

At Weightcare, we have many incentives to keep you on track. There are awards for good weight loss and prizes for Slimmer of the Week, Slimmer of the Month and our annual Super Slimmers Event.

Slimmers lose an average of 1.5 - 2lbs per week and many members lose a stone in four to six weeks.

All new members are invited to sample our Slimming Session before joining. The diets are explained in detail to new members at the end of the session. This gives you the opportunity to talk to your Consultant about your personal aims and aspirations.

Joining Weightcare is the start of feeling a new confidence and a boost to your self esteem that makes you enjoy life to the full.
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